AMERICANS are encouraged to file their tax returns as soon as possible if they want additional incentive money.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, changes have been made to the tax code that will affect returns and refunds.


Americans are urged to file their tax returns as soon as possiblePhoto credit: Getty Images – Getty


The tax return season starts todayImage Credit: Getty – Contributor

The Internal Revenue Service begins processing tax returns today. This means that tax returns can be submitted by April 15th.

Those filing tax returns earlier this year will be refunded faster, and “for some people this could also mean a major third stimulus review,” advises Kiplinger.

Many Americans have received a stimulus check as a result of their tax returns.

But the IRS encourages those who normally don’t file taxes as well as those who should have had more money. to report if the circumstances have changed from 2019 to 2020, e.g. B. a baby or a drop in income.

Filing a tax return allows you to get a refund credit that can result in a higher tax return if you don’t owe the IRS anything.

Americans should make sure they know how much they’ve received on previous stimulus tests before filing taxes this year to avoid complications.

The direct economic payments are not taxable at federal level.

However, people need to know the exact amounts of these payouts in order to process their 2020 income tax returns.

Your next stimulus check “will likely be based on either your 2019 tax return or your 2020 tax return – whichever was last filed when the IRS begins processing your next stimulus payment,” explains Kiplinger.

The IRS calculates the individuals third check based on their tax return status, adjusted gross income (AGI), and the number of dependents.

The earlier you file your tax, the more likely the tax officials will use details from your 2020 tax return.


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If you delay filing your tax return, the IRS will review your 2019 information instead.

“Depending on your situation, this could give you the option to change the amount of your next stimulus review by scheduling this year’s tax return,” added Kiplinger.

It might help some to be eligible for payments or a greater tax break.

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